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The Prism Airbrush Palette is a patented, multiple mixing device designed for use with virtually any airbrush currently on the market. It's unique design allows the artist access to millions of color variations in just seconds, by simply changing the position of a valve. Prism Airbrush Palette also gives the artist the ability to clear and clean the airbrush between colors without having to change bottles or remove any parts. A simple manual positioning of a combination of five valves controls all color.

Top Fed Airbrush                                 Bottom Fed Airbrush


Availability of millions of colors and hues in seconds:
A change of color with
The Prism Airbrush Palette is done quickly and easily by clearing the channel and then selecting the desired color. This is simply done by turning the appropriate valve levers. There is also a solvent valve which in less than 5 seconds can completely clean chambers for a color change.

Productivity:   The Prism Airbrush Palette enhances the creativity and increases the productivity of the artist. The creation of multi-color gradiants and other unique visual techniques are executed effortlessly with uncanny speed. You will be amazed at how fast and easy spanning the spectrum of colors can be with  The Prism Airbrush Palette.

Material:  Solvent Resistant Acytel Resin

Fits all Bottom fed and Side fed Airbrushes

There are more then 50 different configurations of top fed air brushes on the market.  Due to the need of a special adapter for top fed airbrushes please tell us make and model of your top fed airbrush. We only have available adapter plugs for top fed Iwata HP-B and HP-C airbrushes.
For other then mentioned above please contact us before ordering 


Prism Airbrush Palette

The Only Variable control mixing valve system on the market.
Allowing the artist access to millions of color variations in seconds
Prism Airbrush Palette  Video Demo

Body Paint Video Demo using the Prism AirPal by Skin Wars 2 contestant Marcio Karam

Testimonial from 

When I found out about the airbrush pallet I was intrigue by it.  Speaking with Sevan the owner, which told me about this new product and how would be great addition to my arsenal of paint guns and pallets. Finally came the day which I received the paint pallet in the mail and to my surprise it was simple and awesome to use!!
As you can see on pictures and videos this is definitely something that every airbrush artist will love to use.  Its like having all your inks in one place to select whatever colour your heart desires in a flick of a switch.

Owner of MK arts and design Miami, Fl.                   


Retails at $157.00
Special introductory offer $97.00
free shipping any where in the US

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Side fed Airbrush

         Bottom Fed Airbrush                                               

Top Fed Airbrush
Please include make and model for top fed Airbrush in "note to seller".

Light Weight: The Prism Airbrush Palette valve unit weighs less than one ounce and measures approximately 2"x1.5"x1". 
Comfort: The Paint reservoir fits  comfortably on the user's wrist and allows for easy maneuvering of the airbrush.
Speed: The Prism Airbrush Palette  takes seconds to spray the desired color 
Cleaning: Simple and Easy to clean